How does the EU affect privacy
and information rights in the UK?

Ministry of Justice discussion event
28 May 2014, Scotland Office, Edinburgh

28 May 2014, Volha attended a discussion event organised by the Ministry of Justice as part of the Balance of Competences Review on Information Rights (the Review), which itself is a part of the government-wide Balance of Competences Review announced in July 2012 “to examine the balance of competences between the UK and the European Union” and “to provide an analysis of what the UK’s membership of the EU means for the UK national interest”.

The Review was launched 27 March 2014 and is set to run until 1 July 2014 , which is the deadline for submitting evidence. According to the Call for Evidence (available from: ), information rights of interest include data protection (DP) and access to information. The evidence is sought with respect to 11 questions, which, as far as DP is concerned, include both the existing EU framework and the proposed one (see for more details on the reform of the EU data protection framework).

Visit for further information about the Review and about how to submit your evidence. The SaFE team are in the process of preparing a submission to the Review.